Newberg-Dundee Bypass Phase 1E | Newburg , Oregon

$46 Million Competitive BId

Wildish Standard Paving

The Newberg-Dundee Bypass 1E is the largest phase of Newberg-Dundee Bypass project. It includes 300,000 cy mass excavation, 40,000 sf MSE walls, 20,000 sf of sound walls, one half mile long precast bridge using owner furnished repurposed BT84 + BT90 girders, 2684 sy deck with cast-in-place box girder (3) V/E option of 4000 sy deck with precast segmented concrete, 60,000 tons aggregate base, 20,000 tons asphalt, 2,500 cy concrete paving, multiple specialty subcontractors performing fencing, guardrail, landscaping, signals, lighting, striping, sidewall curbs. The bridges use 80ft to 120ft deep round piling.