OSU Basketball Center | Corvallis , Oregon

$12.5 million – CM/GC

Oregon State University | Wildish Building Co.

In the summer of 2013 the Hunt-Wildish Joint Venture delivered the OSU Basketball Center. This 40,000 SF building is complete with two regulation basketball courts of which are stacked due to the small foot print of building space. It is also complete with alternate mezzanine levels which consist of 2,000 square foot partial floors containing coach and program staff offices. These spaces run the length of the building and offer panoramic views of the court below. Together the court and program space create a sense of space yet uniquely different from other basketball training facilities. A two story glass atrium which is illuminated at night serves as a main entrance and features a Basketball Hall of Fame corridor. On the north side of each basketball court is a floor to ceiling glass curtain wall which provide enormous natural light and spectacular views of the campus.