It’s been a wet start for the 2017 construction season, but the excess moisture hasn’t dampened progress being made on projects by too much.

Wildish Construction Co.’s crews finished the City of Eugene Airport Access Gate paving project. Despite tight deadlines, the job was completed ahead of schedule.

Site work continues at the Stone Bridge Apartments across from the VA Clinic on Chad Drive in Eugene. Enough areas have been prepared for the concrete crew to begin pouring patios and sidewalks outside of one of the apartments. As soon as other subcontractors move their equipment and materials, our crews will begin preparations for curbs and asphalt paving.

The excavation and backfill of the new ADA ramps as well as pipe work on the Best Lane & Ione Lane paving project for the City of Eugene are complete. The concrete crew formed and poured 15 ADA ramps, all within the strict ADA tolerance requirements. One of the paving crews will be working on the job in mid-June, and then another crew will complete the project.

Planning has begun for the Franklin Boulevard project in Glenwood that begins at McVay Highway and ends at Mississippi Street. The project includes demolition of six buildings, 1100 tons of contaminated soil removal, 13,776 cubic yards of excavation, 8,200 tons of aggregate base, 865 tons of asphalt, 119,304 square feet of concrete paving, 10,000 lineal feet of curb and gutter, 41,370 square feet of sidewalk, and electrical, landscaping, striping, and signing work. Completion is set for September 2018.

Work on the LTD West Eugene EmX project is ramping up for the final season. Crews plan to have the concrete bus lane finished by late June, and most of the remaining civil work is expected to be done by mid-September. The company was also the successful bidder on the site work for the LTD Terminus Building project which includes a 15,000-square foot concrete parking and turn around lot for LTD busses.

After a delay due to wet weather, construction of the Skycastle Subdivision has begun. Erosion measures are being installed and work on the first phase, which includes a 900-foot long 10-foot high MSE retaining wall, is set to begin mid-April.

Meanwhile, paving crews are just waiting for a few dry days to start projects under contract at local mills.

Wildish Building Co. has made significant progress toward meeting the “Revenue Ready” date of September 17, 2017, for rapid transit bus service on LTD’s West Eugene EmX project. Work accomplished last month includes: installation of the last of 48 signal pole foundations, and nearly all of the new signals in operation; Garfield Street LED lights installed and operational; and the entire bus lane on the north side of West 11th Avenue completed, including the westbound bus lane through the Garfield intersection. Work continuing in April and May includes: construction of the last section of bus lane on the south side of West 11th, including the eastbound bus lane through the Garfield/West 11th intersection; completion of the approaches to the Buck Street pedestrian bridge; completion of the last traffic signal and street lights; and continued work on filtration planters, sidewalks, driveways, and bus stations. Of special note, the filtration planter construction has been simplified through a redesign allowing a quicker, less costly installation. Expect to see LTD buses running the circuit this summer.

At the Roseburg Landfill project, the 42-foot diameter tank system is commissioned and in service. Two final design changes by the engineer and owner will be accomplished in early spring.

In Lebanon, all work is done on the 20,000 square foot Heavy Equipment Center building for Linn Benton Community College.

In Eugene, all is quiet at Gilham Elementary. Sometime this spring when conditions dry out, crews will be undertake final irrigation system repairs and minor civil work on the school grounds.

Wildish Standard Paving Co. crews are finishing the Highway 99E/SE McLoughlin Boulevard Utility Relocation project for the City of Milwaukie. This job included 30-inch diameter storm sewers, 12-inch waterlines, and 8- and 10-inch sanitary sewer lines. The pipelines have been installed and backfilled, and crews are waiting for a window in order to pave all of the pipe trenches. The crews worked days and nights to complete this project.

In Portland, Wildish crews will be starting the Highway 99E/SE Harold- SE Harrison project for ODOT in mid-April. This grind and overlay job includes a 14-foot wide precast box culvert crossing. The crossing will be constructed in two stages during the in-water work window July 15 to August 31, requiring working days, nights and weekends to get it completed by September 30. Asphalt paving should start in June and be completed by the first of September, with permanent signing and striping done by the end of September.

Also in Portland, the 122nd Avenue/I-84 to Skidmore project crews are supporting the installation of new electrical signal work and getting ready for the last group of ADA ramp replacements. With better weather, grinding and paving should be completed by mid-May.

In Newberg, the grading crew finally has good weather to begin hauling base rock through the adjacent project which will enable crews to finish and pave the west end leading up to Bridge 9. Then crews will move to the end connections tying Bridge 12 to Wynooski Road. The sound wall crew has been cycling seven decorative form panel sets and pouring concrete every few days as they progress along Bridge 9 towards the on-grade section of the roadway. Because the “coping and moment slab” crew has progressed as far as possible until the upcoming traffic switch of Wynooski Road onto Bridge 12, they have shifted to other walls, end panels and joints at Bridge 12. A’ crew is also nearing completion of the concrete railing on Bridge 12 and soon will remove the form liner and start concrete railing on top of the moment slab. At Bridge 13, a crew is putting the finishing touches on the deck forming, bulkheads and rail clusters while the rebar is going in. The deck pour will be in April. Another crew is moving from bridge to bridge pouring and curing concrete, as well as cleaning up and stacking lumber from Bridge 12 formwork and falsework.