Safety Goal

Wildish is committed to providing a safe environment for those working on, and those coming into contact with, all of our plant and project activities. Quality production is important, but there is no task that is important enough to endanger anyone’s safety, health or property. That is why our safety goal is for everyone to go home at the end of his or her shift without having had an accident.

Alcohol and Drugs

Wildish intends for its property, project sites and business activities to be free from alcohol and drugs in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for workers and the general public. A worker’s fitness for duty includes the absence of alcohol or drugs from his or her body during work time. All applicants for work at Wildish must consent to and pass an alcohol/drug test before being allowed to work, and all Wildish employees are subject to random, probable suspicion and post accident alcohol and drug testing. If you abuse alcohol or use illicit drugs, do not waste your time applying for work at Wildish.


Due to the hazardous nature of mining, trucking and construction activities, everyone at Wildish has the responsibility to understand how to do his or her job safely, and to take the time to obtain the equipment and assistance necessary to do it safely. Wildish provides personal protective equipment and training to ensure workers are equipped and prepared for their duties, and we expect all employees to participate in safety committee meetings and abide by our safety rules and standards of conduct. There is no reason for anyone to perform any task, use any tool or access any area unless he or she knows how to do it safely.